Have you always wanted to play the bass but find yourself make excuses?

“I’m not musically inclined”

“I don’t have time.”

“I can’t afford lessons.”

“I’m too old to start learning.”

Maybe you played when you were younger but found your bass gathering dust as work and family commitments started to take over. Playing a musical instrument is one of life’s great pleasures. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by!


If you’ve spent time trying to learn the bass by watching You Tube videos or working out of method books you’ll have discovered that teaching yourself just doesn’t work. It is an inefficient and ineffective way to learn and though it may appear to be ‘free’, that is really only true if you place no value on your time given it will take you much longer to get to where you want to go

The big problem with trying to teach yourself is that there is inevitably a lack of structure to the process with each resource pulling you in a new direction. This leads to big gaps in your knowledge and can ultimately leave you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and disillusioned with the whole learning experience.

There is a better way.


The most efficient, effective and enjoyable way to go about mastering the bass is to place yourself under the guidance of an experienced and skilled teacher. Even if your goals are more modest, you will reach them sooner and save yourself a great deal of frustration by studying with a great teacher.

In choosing to study with me you will avoid the pitfalls of trying to teach yourself. You won’t be left questioning whether you’re learning things the correct way, wondering what you should learn next, or find yourself getting stuck with no solution.

I will provide you with a personalized plan of study that takes full account of your current ability, your musical tastes and your goals. My lessons will provide you with strong musical foundations while ensuring a fun and inspiring learning experience that leaves you genuinely excited about music and highly motivated to practice the material we have covered during each session.


In my view a teacher is someone who opens windows of insight. A teacher should be thought of as a navigator who uses their knowledge, experience and expertise to maximize the students potential and keep them on track to reach their musical goals in the most efficient manner possible.

My role as a teacher is to challenge you to be the best that you can be and in turn aid you in your quest to meet that challenge through direction, encouragement and evaluation.

My value as a music teacher ultimately lies in the knowledge and experience I have accrued in travelling the very road upon which you are setting out on and in helping countless others to make that same journey.